Defaulter Dy. Commissioner Narayan Mishra has got security, from a senior official, Game of Collusion on the amount of scam,

Defaulter Dy. Commissioner Narayan Mishra has got security, from a senior official, Game of Collusion on the amount of scam,

dc defaulter narayan mishra

 Defaulter Dy. Commissioner Narayan Mishra has                got security, from a senior official, 

        Game of Collusion on the amount of scam, 

Under regime of Deputy Commissioner Narayan Mishra posted commercial tax officer Circle 2,  There are various scams still pending for investigations and no officer of the department is showing interest to resolve the matter tries to get out of it.

The said compulsion is just because the disputed deputy commissioner has been promoted and no officer can go against him, The matter is already been complaint to State Economic Investigation Wing, Similarly in another case the the complaint against same deputy commissioner is pending before the "Locayukt"  Jabalpur, Bhopal  of Madhya Pradesh.


In which the assessment done within the period of last 6 year by the by the officers which nearly amount 250 crore of Lost to the revenue for the Government. Due to the pendency of the assessment proceeding of the last 6 years details regarding carry forward of Input Tax Rebate and TDS Certificate, Challan,  deposited by the dealers are not  reconciled, due to which the department has to accept the details submitted by the dealer and which can result  in loss of crores of revenue.


Under the regime of Deputy Commissioner DIV-1 Narayan Mishra there are various defaulter of commercial tax the list of which has not been disclosed  and the same defaulters were gone out of clutches of the department without paying a single penny of tax.


Further  the said officer Narayan Mishra has been empowered to hear the appeal cases related to the division number 2 of Jabalpr.,  The monthly reports of hearings of  last 2 years has not been submitted till date,  neither this officer has taken care to see that the matter are been  heard.


Inspite of using the online system of hearing by the department since last 10 years, This deputy commissioner is still doing all his work manually, which is basically to get the personal benefit and against the notification and guidelines framed in this regard by the Government .


It is surprising to note that the Deputy Commissioner Of Commercial Tax Division 1 Narayan Mishra Jabalpur has provided the completely fabricated and estimated figure and Data regarding commercial tax collections and summary of assessment of last six years to the audit team of state. Therefore the same information which being forwarded to the Legislative Assembly,   Resulted-in providing wrong information to general public through the concerned minister of the department


Inspite of number of complains, filed by the complainant to the concerned authorities on the said subject including CM helpline, The matter is still not be still not being investigated and pending before the Additional Commissioner of the commercial tax department who has been appointed by the Commissioner of the commercial tax department as per letter no. 299/300 dated  15/03-2018 issued by the Principal Secretary Of Commercial Tax Department

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