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25 Jan 2019

Sindhi Dharmshala Jabalpur, Permanent Ban on iLLegal Construction,

Sindhi Dharmshala Jabalpur,  Permanent Ban on iLLegal Construction,

First Initiative For The Common Man's Right

The iLLegal Construction ( On Public Property, Named   Sindhi Dharamshala, Sindhi Sevak Sabha, Ghantaghar, Jabalpur) was going on for a long time, Whose complaint has been submitted to Collector Jabalpur, including Commissioner Municipal Corporation.

In which Social property was being illegally occupied by unknown people,

On which Permanent Stoppage  has been initiated by the Municipal Corporation Administration. And for Constructors, They have been given 3 days time to present official documents for constructing this Social Property.

The above mentioned subject has been challenged for the ongoing construction, Within the next 7 days, The  constructors  are required to submit all original documents  related to their legality to the concerned officer.

In the event of violation, The construction done, will be separated by the Administration. Which Has been rigged for a long time.

Proceedings have been started in the present time, on which the Complaints were lodged in this regard.

On receiving the reply of the notice issued by the Administration, Officially the names of unknown people,  those who make this illegal construction will be exposed.

With this, in the next proceeding, the funds collected by unknown people and their bank account information will be found. Which might be very helpful to evaluate the total Amount or Scam under the Terrace of Public Interest.

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