Ajeevi Presents 360 degree Smart City Solutions

Ajeevi Presents 360 degree Smart City Solutions

                 One Mega Event 2018 is the key for Smart Tomorrow

New Delhi: The Capital witnessed the most enormous expo “One   Mega Event 2018” to find out how mobile and futuristic  technologies and intelligent mobility in smart cities can tackle the complications in public spaces. The expo kicked off from 23-25 May 2018 at Pragati Maidan. With the motive of Make in India Made for  India, Ajeevi Technologies came forward in this mega expo with 360  degree smart city Solutions globally for various smartcity domains like smart waste management, smart transport, smart water, smart  light, Smart Agriculture and Farmer, Smart Education and Smart  Healthcare. This magnificent event incorporates five expos with the view to develop attractive, safe and smart cities that evoke pride,  passion and a sense of belonging among citizens. In the expo many  International and National companies are Participating. Vishal Gupta, CEO & Founder of AJEEVI said, to make India green &  clean we need to opt Smart Waste & Smart Transport mechanism,  with the help of this we can recycle our waste from collection to convert into energy for which Ajeevi is working since last 2 years. He added his words, this One Mega Event 2018 combines five leading expos – 2nd Buildings India 2018 expo, 3rd Solar India 2018 expo, 3rd Transport India 2018 expo, 4th Smart Cities India 2018  expo and 5th Water India 2018 expo. Together, they will analyse  how technology and data are being used to enhance sustainability  and quality of life of the citizens, and share insights and priorities that support investment, innovation and growth in order to  establish India as a global hub for smart city skills, knowledge and technology.

Shweta Sharma 

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