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1 Dec 2018

EaseMyTrip Targets 10X Growth in Hotel Booking for FY18-19 New Delhi

EaseMyTrip Targets 10X Growth in Hotel Booking for FY18-19

           EaseMyTrip Targets 10X Growth in Hotel Booking for FY18-19 

New Delhi: EaseMyTrip, one of the largest flight booking sites of India, is expecting a growth of 10X in transaction value coming from hotel booking by end of the financial year 2018-19. In the third quarter of the year 2018, the company has seen a high growth in hotel reservation through website.

In financial year ending on March 2018, EaseMyTrip has achieved a turnover of around Rs.2300 Crore with an increment of around 10-12% over previous year through air tickets being its major product. However, the travel portal is planning to increase its revenue by focusing on non-air products like hotels and bus booking.  

Mr. Nishant Pitti, CEO and Co-founder of EaseMyTrip said, “Earlier our main concern was to promote flight tickets as key product of the company but to excel in tourism industry, you also need to expand your wings towards other products like hotels and holiday packages. Our company was doing business through hotels previously as well but now we have made everything more systemic by implementing advanced technology, lowering our rates and adding better hotel options in our inventory.”

As the company is continuously growing without any external support or VC funding, it will focus on providing best staying experiences to the customers at really good rates. Currently, the company receives around 150-200 bookings daily for hotels with an average ticket size of Rs. 6000 to Rs.8000. By the end of the FY18-19, they have target to generate sales more than 35 lakh every day from hotel booking. The company has a customer base that primarily looks for luxurious stay instead of budget hotels. Therefore, they are very positive about achieving their target in coming year.

Reports Shweta Sharma 

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