Jabalpur Collector Failed To Submit Report On The Scam,

Jabalpur Collector Failed To Submit Report On The Scam,

                      collector jabalpur defaulter narayan mishra complain case pending

       Jabalpur Collector Failed To Submit Report On The Scam,

In compliance with the appropriate arguments related to various types of scams, the Collector was unable to comply with the information sheet issued from the office divisional commissioner Jabalpur.

In the resolution of the complaint against the Corrupted Deputy Commissioner / Officer Narayan Mishra, who was posted in the Department of Commerccial, Jabalpur 6year ago, The information letter / notices was issued to the Collector Jabalpur In July 2018 And Oct 2018 to submit the report within 15 days,

By not submitting the collector's inquiry report, whose contempt has happened on its own, it is a frightening negligence in itself, in the judicial system.  

Expecting action related to collector inquiry report, The application was filed by the applicant under the Right to Information Act 2005, The applications were submitted in the office collector on 20th June, 2018 and 1 December 2018, in which no statutory duly proceeding has been done so far,

In relation to the completion of the investigation proceedings, nobody has any sense of responsibility for making the document available to the victim's applicant. This negligence at the office level in the office collector itself is beyond comprehension,

Many types of applications have been filed in this office as a Reminder letter in this regard, which are rotting just as a junk file in their complaint branch,  On whom the responsible officer is not posted to carry out an update, the completion of the formalities and crossing the peak of negligence till the exchange of documents.

Here are many corrupt officials against whom the pending cases only fall in files, and they, with their fullest comfort in their reign, get promotions and retire their respectfully after taking their funds.  In which one day before the Collector himself suspended two corrupt and careless public servants ( Charganva tehseel ) and established a good faith,

Those who should be in jail, They are imposed on the society as an officer, because it is the earning bird, These officers are represented by the Commissioner of Commercial Tax, and raises the responsibility of managing everything from below to the top,

There are provisions of the Act to act at every level in every office, but by some officials, who have been entrusted with the responsibility of this investigation, by telling them unrestrained reasons and not checking the facts given in the complaint, Investigative officers keep the unnecessary Investigations pending, or spend their time finding reasons to dismiss, and the criminal officer has retired equally, Nobody responds to the reason for keeping the investigation pending, nor is he willing to take a statement directly from a non-applicant

Curiously, In this case, The Assistant Commissioner a Subordinate Commissioner of the Criminal Dy. Commissioner Narayan Mishra was initially shown to be incompetent, due to being Junior as in investigation,  But shockingly  after sometime she did the work of throwing dust in the eyes of Collector,  she did not make any shortcomings to prove his senior officer to as a Harishchandra and himself submitted the supportive report in the favour of Corrupted Dy. Commissioner to the Collector`s Office

The female assistant commissioner who created the unrestricted investigation report did not give the complainant even when asked for the document, which proves her senior officer Harishchandra, Which is a cowardly action in itself,

Overall In the last step, the petition is to be filed before the Hon'ble High Court only, and against the careless investigating officer in this entire episode, to make the public aware in the public interest, the complete description of negligence in this case is correct in itself. And enough,

In the end, it proves that we should give up on destiny, such actions which are not in our hands

collector jabalpur defaulter narayan mishra complain case pending

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